Thursday, August 04, 2005

Future Football Players!

Where will they play? Will they be with Auburn or Alabama? Will they go to Tennessee? Will the oldest go back where he was born to become a Razorback? We'll see... This year I will hopefully put the fire in the oldest boy as he goes to a few Titans games. Last year he loved watching the Titans on TV and this year we will take that love to the next level...Next week the Titans start preseason play against the Tampa Bay Bucs and you can bet we will be in attendance. I'll bring back a report about Carnell Williams!

The youngest will not go to any games this year. He is still too little to put up with all of the hollering! Did I mention I can't wait for football to start?

In other news, I was showing some really cool pictures from the Discovery mission this morning. If you would like to see these pictures or perhaps save them for the Wallpaper on your computer... here are some links!

View From Discovery
Astronaut Wave
Discovery Payload Bay

I hope you are enjoying the Space Shuttle coverage we have been giving you. I love taking the LIVE pictures during Today In Alabama. Judd and Tonya continue to make fun of me for being a Science Geek... It's fun though! As always, feel free to email your thoughts to

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