Friday, August 05, 2005

Good Friday To Yah!

Well I missed out on another WSFA 12 On Tour stop. This morning Tonya and Judd were in Selma while I stayed back at the station to babysit some thunderstorms. When the weather gets bad, it's better for me to just stay back the station. It looked like a TON of people came out to watch the broadcast! I would guess that there were a couple of hundred... if not more! Greenville has a tough act to follow next Friday!

In other news... Have you bought one of those discount cards that the high school football players, band members, and cheerleaders have been selling? I bought one from the Prattville Lion Quarterback Club for $10 the other day. One of the places on the card (Gipson Tire Pro) offered 10% off any service. Guess what happened the day after I bought the card.... my clutch went out on my truck. If you remember from last Friday's blog post, I still have the same truck I had in college! I used that card when I fixed my truck and saved $78!!! How's that for quickly making your money back! I encourage any of you to buy one of these cards if you have the opportunity. These young adults really could use the money...
Here's another way to save some money. My sister emailed me this website that you register at to give and receive free stuff from other people. Let's say you have some bushes in your yard that you don't want... You post on the site that they are free to anyone that want to come dig them up and you don't have to work and someone gets free bushes! Some people give clothes and baby products. Some people even give away lawn mowers!!! The goal is to keep things out of landfills! Here are the sites:
Alabama Freecycle Groups

I haven't dug into these sites too much yet, so tell me what you think! As always, email your thoughts to

Don't forget... you can still watch Space Shuttle Discovery right here on the blog by clicking below! Really cool stuff to see LIVE from space!

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