Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's Football Time In...

I can remember getting goosebumps at the start of football season when John Ward would say loud and proud, "It's Football Time In Tennessee!" I still get a nice and cozy feeling when I hear old tape of that famous saying!While it's great to watch football on the television, it's 100 times better in person. I will never forget the first time I walked into Neyland Stadium as a kid and seeing 100,000+ people wearing orange. It was amazing! For those that want a little taste of Rocky Top, click here!

Unfortunately, UT did not have the major I wanted so I didn't get to go to Knoxville, but I still love cheering the Vols on as I did a kid. If you grow up in Tennessee, you are more or less force fed UT Football. Today I'm not as big of a fan, but I still choose them over other SEC schools. HaHa... NFL more or less stole the glory when the Titans came to Nashville. I have been to a countless number of Titan games in recent years and even had the opportunity to see The Music City Miracle in person. That was a great day in Nashville!

When I moved to Alabama, everyone told me I had to choose between Auburn or Alabama. I haven't taken any sides yet, but I have been given tickets to a some Auburn games from friends and have had a blast (especially last year). Auburn also gave me a gift bag with a hat, shirt, and mug last week during WSFA 12 on Tour! I guess I might be leaning a little to the East! LOL

For the second year, my alma mater plays Auburn. I went to Western Kentucky University... needless to say, I'm not expecting a win. I AM expecting a nice check to go to my school though courtesy of Auburn! LOL

I also have the FEVER, so you can count on catching me at some Friday night games too in the coming weeks. I have been known to hangout at Stanley-Jenson stadium a time or two. Go Lions!

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