Monday, August 22, 2005

Good Monday MO'ing to yah...

It's not every morning you have a biscuit-eating-mascot take over your show! When I came downstairs to do the weather this morning, the Montgomery Biscuits mascot, Big Mo, was wondering around the studio. As I did the weather, he stood right beside the camera shaking his tail at me and waving his arms around! Instead of just laughing through the weathercast without the viewers knowing what was going on... I brought him out for the weathercast.... click on my weathercast under "featured videos" today on the weather page of the website to see streaming video. It got me a little chuckled as you will (or did) see.

So how's your Monday morning going so far? I'm actually having a really good morning! I'm trying to drink more water today. I'm not doing it just to stay hydrated during this heat, but to also get in a routine of drinking water over coffee and coke. We'll see how long this lasts! So far this morning, I have had 6 glasses of water... no coke... and no coffee! I'm giving in right after I type this blog though... I need a cup of coffee!!! I also need to go to the restroom! Take care and feel free to email me anytime at

PS- I also updated the blog over the weekend.... Can you believe that! I also change some of the colors on the site!...By the way... it's good to be back at work and back on the morning show!

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