Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Cold Front?.... Booooooo

I thought I would look over some data on this Sunday afternoon to get geared up for the upcoming week. When I pulled up some numbers (click image) from one of the computer models that help us forecast I immediately noticed the line I highlighted in red (dewpoints). On Friday it looked like a cold front was actually going to push through the state to lower our dewpoints and make it feel more comfortable. It doesn't look like the front will make it as far south now! BOOOOO! I was really getting excited to see some more comfortable air move in too... If you watched Friday night, you probably saw the excitement on my face. I should have known though... we rarely have a cold front to push through the state in August. We usually have to wait until September. The data really looked promising on Friday though. I guess I must have been "wishcasting" instead of "forecasting" a little! The northern part of the state still looks to benefit from this front, but we'll just get a little relief from it... We're now thinking low 90s instead of upper 90s (that's some good news). Dewpoints will stay in the 70s... versus the 60s we were thinking would overspread the area. Who knows... maybe the front will get a last minute nudge and drift all the way to the Gulf! As of now though, it looks to go stationary... right to our north...:(

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