Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's gonna blow...RUN!

I had a great time today. Some kids from Eastwood Christian School came by the station for a tour and before they left... we made four 2 liter bottles of coke shoot a fountain of carbonation 30 feet up in the air! Isn't it fun to make a mess! The first picture (above) was our first explosion. A teacher and I each got a full roll of Mentos into each 2 liter and KABOOM... If you have never heard of this experiment checkout this website.

Our second attempt went great for another teacher, but I couldn't get all of my Mentos in fast enough. The coke still shot in the air, but not as high as the first time. I plan on showing video of this experiment on Today In Alabama tomorrow morning (Friday). After it airs, we'll try to stream the video on the Today In Alabama website.

Did I mention that I love making a mess! Science is cool...


**Special thanks to Stacy Walker for the great pictures!

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