Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gloomy Day...

We have gloomy start to the day! I think we will see some breaks from time-to-time though. The morning commute is a rough one this morning! There are a lot of clinched fists on the steering wheels out on the interstate! Be careful if you are about to head out!

I hope it does slack off a little by mid-morning. Radar trends do indicate a little break in Montgomery is possible. The reason I want a little break is so some family friends will not get wet at the "Pumpkin Patch". I told them yesterday not to cancel just yet... it looked like the entire day would not be a washout. Hopefully they will get the "window of dry weather" they need to have their field trip.

I am SO ready for Friday. Some weeks I could care less about Friday, but this week just seems to be dragging. My dad is coming in town tomorrow, so maybe I'm just looking forward to hanging out with that old dude! (I know he's reading! haha)

Anywho, I'm off to update the WSFA website. I guess I should have done that before the blog.... The funny thing is, people email more when the blog is not updated! haha...


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