Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Rain With A Name ©

Tropical Storm Tammy formed this morning. More or less this storm is going to be what I call "Rain With A Name ©" (Yes, it's copyrighted...LOL) Tammy and an approaching cold front will give us a good chance of rain tomorrow and Friday. I hope to see all of this rain out of here by Friday night. We can't sit in the rain at the area football games! I can't wait to see the Prattville-Carver game. I'm a Prattvilian, but regardlesss of who wins... it's going to be a GREAT game.Coach Ware and Coach Clark have done some great things at both of these schools.

Back to the weather... above is the track of Tammy. Notice Tammy's leftovers will be heading in our direction. You'll want to keep up with the latest on Tammy to see how much rain you can expect at your house. Tropical Storm Warnings extend from South Carolina down to Florida...

If you have digital cable, then you probably have WSFA 12 WeatherPLUS. Storm TEAM 12 and the national team of meteorologists will keep you up to date on the latest information regarding Tammy.

Click here to see if you have WeatherPLUS. If your cable provider isn't carrying WeatherPLUS, call them and tell them to get on the ball!

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PS- I have had a lot of email from people wanting more info about the Bamboo Park I mentioned earlier this week... Here's a link that talks all about it... Click here.

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