Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What a storm, What a season...

I can't believe this hurricane season. It has been absolutely amazing. If you read my earlier post today, then you know that Hurricane Wilma now carries the record for the lowest pressure reading since records were kept. Since my last post it has gone down even further! Here's an updated graphic for the top storms in history. Keep in mind that the lower the pressure, the more intense the storm (typically).

I am going to say it here on the blog first, but will not say it on-air just yet. In my opinion, Wilma will not be a Cat 5 when she comes into Florida. In fact, I think she could go all the way down to a Cat 2. I hope I am right about this. I am glad I am not forecasting this one down in Florida. You have to walk a fine line with storms like Wilma when it will affect your viewing area... You don't want to freak people out by saying a Cat 5 is coming, but you don't want to go lightly on the storm either. Luckily it is not going to affect the WSFA viewing area this time!

(EDIT 7:45- I just noticed something...The National Hurricane Center also thinks Wilma will be a two at landfall, that's good news!)

We'll keep you up to date with the latest information. We know that there are a lot of folks with family in Florida and if needed, evacuations could bring some Floridians our way. We'll try to make everyone happy with the latest information on Wilma, while continuing to give you our local forecast as well. You're watching more Tropical history unfold folks!

Have a good day!


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