Monday, October 17, 2005

Other Weather Guys... Good and Bad

Good Monday morning everyone! It's hard to get going on a Monday morning after being off work for a week. The coffee tasted a little better this morning, but still not as good as the coffee at home! It has been nice to sleep in lately. I got a couple of notes to pass along to you this morning about a couple of weather guys in the business. First the good news...

We now have a lot of New Orleans residents here in Alabama after Katrina. Before they (or you) came here, they likely got their weather from a friend of mine, John Gumm. Even if you aren't a New Orleans resident, you likely caught John's story on here shortly after the storm. If not click here and click here. Just like many others in that area, he lost his house. Since he is not from that area, he decided to move home. I must admit... I can't blame him! If something like that happened here. It is safe to say that I wouldn't stick around. I would go home to Nashville too. Anywho, here's an update from John that I got over the weekend:

Hello everyone,
We are safe and sound and just wanted to pass along our new contact information to you. Connor and Jennifer are both doing well and are happy to be in their new house. In fact last night Connor got to finally sleep in the crib we bought him in Metairie, LA way back in June. I know it's a small thing, but it was quite meaningful to us.

I have managed to land a weekend meteorologist job at WKRC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, OH. While this is a bit of a step down for me career wise (slightly bigger TV market but a move back to weekends from weekdays) it is a step much closer to family since Cincinnati is my hometown and Jennifer's parents are just 2.5 hours away. At any rate, I feel very fortunate to have landed this position so quickly given the circumstances. I start my new job Monday, so wish me luck.


Good news from him! I've been praying for them to land smoothly on their feet and I am glad he landed a job in his hometown. It's a small world though... John actually filled the job that was left by another one of our good friends who left to go to Indianapolis. This TV world is much smaller than I use to think!

Now to some bad news from a weather guy. Check out this story from a newscast in here. I want to hear you comments about this "issue" that arose on-air. I have always liked Joe Snedeker, but it appears he really screwed up this time! I wonder if there is another side to this story??? Ouch....

Email your thoughts and I'll post them throughout the day on the blog below.

Take care,

Your Comments:
So glad you are back and that you had good time off. I missed the blog!
As for your fellow weather guys, the good news was wonderful. But I think Joe was out of line and unprofessional.
By the way, ask the NWS what's wrong with Yoda and Zena to finish the alphabet :)

Danna, I agree... why can't we have the last few names with the alphabet? By the way, if you watch Joe Snedeker at, it appears they have made up, click on NewsWatch 16- Monday 6:00am and then watch his forecast.... I still love Joe's style on weather and I now really feel like he is sorry for what he said. -RV

In response to the weather guy up north with a bad attitude.......let mebegin by saying that the female anchor answered or responded to thegentlemen a lot nicer than I would have. Part of the reason we havekids running around committing crimes today is because their mommawasn't home to take care of 'em when they were sick, well or doing theirhomework and they probably don't know where their kid is now a and point the 'start' of the I stand behindthis lady 100% for taking care of her children and putting her familyfirst. If all the homes in this great nation would get their prioritiesstraight with God on top and on down the line....we wouldn't be headingto 'hell in a hand basket'. There is a lot of pressure on women in thisday and age to have 'their own' career. So...that leads to....who isgoing to raise the kids?? Well, the woman is expected to do that aswell. There has to be a happy median to all those womenout there who 'have their own career' and are raising their children(either as a single mother or married), I commend you for your effortsand hope and pray you continue with the strength to keep your chin upand 'keep on keeping on!' Its all fine and good to have your own careerbecause I do....but I also am married and would like to start a family ayear from now and know that my 'own career' will be put on hold while Ido that. Any man who condemns me or looks down on me for that...heneeds to think about his mother and how he got into the world! =)

Have a great day!

I agree 100% with you. I hope this guy was just poking fun at her like we do in the mornings and accidently said something stupid. I hope I never say anything that makes as many people upest as him! Ouch!

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