Monday, October 24, 2005

Pumpkin Carvin' Night..

Our friends and my family had a pumpkin carving party last night. Nothing beats a big bowl of vegetable soup, some cornbread, about 10 cookies , and some pumpkin carving to get you in the fall spirit. This was my first time to carve pumpkins with this crew and they really take pumpkin carving to the highest level! Checkout this guy (Adam) below... he has an electric pumpkin carver!!! Not too shabby eh?

What happened to the days of triangle eyes and mouths with three teeth? The standard ole pumpkin.... Do you think we'll ever see that guy again? I'm not sure.... With pumpkin patterns, pumpkin knives, pumpkin saws, pumpkin picks, and pumpkin artists... the days of triangle eyes may be gone. Who knows....Everything goes full circle, right? I bet one day the standard pumpkin will make a comeback. It's like everything else... kids today look like they did in the 60s. I'm sure the standard pumpkin will make a comeback too! I wonder if the "mullet" will ever be cool again??? If so, I'm growing one!!! Back to pumpkins... here's me carving... do I look focused or what?

After a few cramps in my hand from making all of the little holes around the pattern and after sawing away at all of the little curves... This was the outcome, what do you think?

Well, I hope to post another entry in a little bit. I am sitting here watching these reporters and meteorologists out in the middle of Hurricane Wilma and I am wondering when one of them will get seriously hurt. I hope to chat about that later!

Have a great Monday!


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