Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend Recap...

Here's a quick recap of my weekend. I'll start by saying it was a good one! My dad came into town Friday shortly after I left work and I did what I usually do on a Friday afternoon... I slept! After I scraped myself up from my mid-afternoon nap... we caught the FEVER! That's right... we went to the best game of the night. #1 Prattville Lions versus #7 Carver Wolverines. What a game! As you know, I'm a Prattville guy, so the 28-0 win was cool, but Carver is one heck of a team. The score doesn't reflect the talent they have and the great team Larry Ware has put together at Carver.

If you haven't heard by now, Prattville has a new player on the squad. Number 80... Courtney "Big Easy" Smith. He is a transfer from New Orleans and now I know first hand... he's AWESOME! He's 6'4" (but looks 6'8"!) weighs 192 (looks 200 easy!) and runs the 40 yard dash in 4.62 seconds (but looks even faster!). Needless to say, he's going to be a great addition to the already talented squad at Prattville. I see the Lions to be in the championship game again this year. This time with the "W".

On to Saturday...

Saturday was a doozy... My wife went to an all day "cropping" (you ladies know what that is!). Dad , the boys, and I were going to have "guys day out". We started the day by heading to the Whitewater Festival on the Coosa. On our way there, we stopped at Chik-Fil-A to get some breakfast and to let my oldest son play on the indoor playground. Sounds safe...right? WRONG! After we ate, Shad heads over to the indoor playground... One of the kids at the top says that there is pee on the slide. MY EYES BUG OUT.... BUT, A mother in the room says, "Don't worry, it's just the AC vent's condensation"... I believe her and let him continue climbing to the top. Moments later Shad slides down the slide... walks up to me wet... and guess what he smells like... PEE. MY own kid's pee doesn't bother me too bmuch, BUT this was some other kid's pee! ARRRRRRGH!!!!! Trip back home, cleanup, and new clothes. Off to the the whitewater festival, right?.... wrong!

We get to Wetumpka and go up to every river access possible to watch the competition. We find a bunch of people putting their kayaks in the water (see above), but never find the competition, despite asking for directions. (We searched for 2 hours) ARRRRRRRGH!!!! Time was running out now, Tennessee game was about to kickoff.

We went home, watched Tennessee lose! ARRRRRGH!!!!

Later that night... Vanderbilt loses.... ARRRRRGH!!!!

On to Sunday...

Dad gets up early to head home because he wants to watch the Titans game because WAKA didn't show it this week! ARRRGH! I guess I'll have to call them and complain first thing tomorrow morning. The Titans did win though!!! YAY

We get ready to got to church and my oldest son is too big for all his clothes it seems. We put him in some high-waters and off to church we go. After church we spend 6 hours shopping. I'm a little pooped now, but at least the kids have some new Fall clothes. (I picked up a thing or two also, LOL)

It was an eventful weekend... all-in-all it was a good one except for my son falling in some other kid's pee. I could have done without THAT! Big thanks to whoever let their kid into the "human hamster cage" without being potty trained and without a diaper!!! We all appreciate that...

Anywho... I need to go to sleep, it's late and this blog entry has gone on WAY to long. See yah in the morning.


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