Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gerber's Last Day

As many of you know, today is Jeff Gerber's last day. Gerber and I have had some great times together. We have laughed so much in the storm center over so many things. We've laughed so much that tears have run from our eyes!

Gerber was the first person I met here at WSFA. When I came in for my interview he showed me around thr station and even then we were joking and laughing. I'll never forget my first day of work when Jeff gave an explanation and analysis of eveyone in the newsroom. He could have written down and used it as a monlogue of comedy!

There are a few people that you will run across in your professional career that will always standout. They will be the people that you stay in contact with even after moving in seperate directions. I hope Gerber and I still call each other up and play pranks on each other years down the road. Gerber has this ongoing joke with me that he uses almost everyday. I'm not sure where it came from, but he calls and asks if he "can take his boat out on the lake." The funny part is that he asks in a drunken, redneck voice. I laugh everytime! It's just a representation of some of our crazy calls that we get in the storm center!

We'll miss you Gerber... I wish you and your family well. You're a good friend bro'!

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