Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Today is my oldest son's birthday, so dad let him drive the bus today! Everyone from P Diddy to President Bush have navigated the bus on Today in Alabama, so I hope Shad knows how much of of an honor it is to be sitting there! LOL

I can't believe the little booger is already three years old! It sure doesn't seem like three years have past since we were sitting in the hospital in Jonesboro, AR in the middle of an ice storm waiting for him to get here. It's a little scary to be in a hospital when it is operating on a generator!

The night that he was born we had spent the night the night running around downtown Jonesboro at the Christmas (yes, Christmas) Parade. I guess all of the walking really does speed the process along! It's weird to think back to life before kids. Back then, I was always running around looking for the coolest concert to attend. Now, I'm running around chasing two boys. I use to get excited when a new club opened in town, now I'm excited to hear that Jonesboro has a new Chuck E. Cheese. It's wild how your priorities change and how much you enjoy "family" life. It's something that couldn't be explained to me before kids... I had to experience it for myself!

Here's a quick story... I'm taking a nap yesterday and Shad decided to use his new carpenter's hammer to "fix" daddy's elbow. I woke up after the third hit... and I have a bruise this morning. Even with the pain, it was still funny...

Well, I'm off to do some work on the WSFA 12 WeatherPLUS channel. Have a great Tuesday!


PS- Maybe you caught it, maybe you didn't, or maybe you already know... but I'll explain why I'm excited about a new Chuck E. Cheese that is 400 miles away later.

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