Monday, January 09, 2006

This Is It...

This is it... You may have already noticed that the blog is changing from WSFA 12 to KAIT 8...I'm pretty sure this will be my last post until I arrive in Jonesboro, AR. I will still be on-air tomorrow morning, but I will be leaving out right after the show and will not have time to blog. For those of you that have not been in the loop. My last day at WSFA is tomorrow morning. I am moving back to the station I came from in Jonesboro, AR, but this time I am going back as Chief Meteorologist. It's a great move for us, but we will really miss the people we have met.

It seems that everywhere I go... I meet nice people. We came here nearly three years ago at about 2:00 in the morning with a U-Haul towing my truck and my wife and oldest son following in the car. Not much is happening in Prattville at 2:00 am. We got lost, couldn't find a hotel with rooms, and could not find a place to eat... It was a rough start, but the start of a GREAT chapter in our lives.

Since that point, we have owned our first home, had a second boy, and have met some of the best friends anyone could ask for... I think that is hardest part... leaving friends. Whether it be eating out each week, hanging out at work, cutting up at church, or not catching any fish at Lake Jordan... it was always a good time. I still don't think I have caught a fish from Lake Jordan! Gee..

I really hope we stay in contact with our friends. Life gets so out of control that we don't take time to keep up with good relationships. I know we won't all see each other every month and we won't talk every week... but I sure hope we do a better job at staying in touch than the average person.

Our friends in Auburn are moving away too, but they are heading back to Nashville. With as many trips as we make to Nashville, we will proabably see them more than when they lived in Auburn! It's weird how life pans out....

I guess this is where I say goodbye. You can still access the blog at if you wish to see how the move goes. I should post some picture in a few days. I have to get the internet hooked up at the new house.

Keep in touch everyone. You can lookup my new email address at in a week or so. I go on-air there on Sunday night. The schedule for the evening anchors run from Sunday-Thursday. Not too shabby if you like having Friday night off!

For those that are wondering, Rob Hatchell will be taking over the morning duties and a blast from the WSFA past, Dan Atkinson will be back with WSFA doing the weekend show eventually. If they don't act right, email me in Arkansas and I'll give them a call! LOL

My email account at will be shut off in a few days, but feel free to email today. I have had a lot of VERY NICE emails and I really appreciate every one. If I don't respond back, don't worry... I got it... I am just so busy with the move and finishing up with things here at WSFA. So far, I have done very well with emailing people!

Take care,


PS- I saw Gerber the other day and he and his family are doing well!

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