Sunday, January 15, 2006

We Made It Here!

Hello everyone! We made it here. We are settling into the house now and I am starting to get connected to the world again! We have not had cable or internet since we left, so I have no idea what has been going on across the world.

I did hear that there was a bad tornado near Evergreen. I hated to hear that information from my sister the other day. Hopefully the road to recovery has started down there. My prayers go out to all of you that were hit by that storm.

Tonight is my first night at KAIT. I feel a little lost because things are a little different here. The shows are structured differently and the files on the computer are a little different than what I am use to at WSFA. I'll make it though! I've got one show under my belt and hopefully the 10:00 news will go well too!

My email account at should still be working until this week. I hope to check it tomorrow. Try to email me if you want...

Take care,

PS- The other guy in the picture is one my co-anchors, Craig Rickert.

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