Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blog World...

Blogging is catching on like crazy. When I first got started, the only person I knew that blogged was Neil Orne. Now his station, WKRN, has all kinds of blogs. Even the General Manager at the station blogs! (and it's good!)

Many of the blogs that are linked on the left side of my blog are bloggers that I check from time to time. Most of the blogs are from people I know, and a couple of them are just some that I found that were interesting.

My previous station, WSFA, has been bitten by the blog bug too. I'm guessing I may have had something to do with that! They have several blogs these days... My old GM has a blog too, but he never updates it! I'll keep bugging him so that he will blog more!

Now it is becoming a "family thang". My sister has started blogging now. She hasn't given me permission to post her link, so it won't be listed on my blog anytime soon. She has really impressed me with how well she has designed it though!!! You go girl!

I wonder if I can get my wife to blog like Neil Orne's wife??? I hope not. Who knows what she would write about me!!!

Anywho, I better sign off of here and get started on the 10:00 show. It's been a long day. Ron and I spent a good part of the day at a Doppler Radar Conference in Memphis. It was good to catch up with the Memphis folks at the National Weather Service and competing television stations.

Have a great evening!

PS- Have I ever had "blog" typed so much in one entry???

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