Monday, February 06, 2006

The Kids Are In School!

We told you that last night would not be a big deal. It wasn't even a small deal! The areas in MS, TN, and AL that we expected to see 1-2" of snow actually got more sleet and cold rain than snow. The rain moved out before the coldest column of air moved in for those folks!

Back to our forecast here in Region 8... I said that there "might" be a dusting in our Southern Counties. I have not heard of any reports of a dusting so far, but if you got a little something at your house... email me.

Don't worry winter weather fans. Winter is not over for a few more weeks. I feel confident that we will get at least one good snow storm before the winter is over...

Here's the outlook for February:

The above map shows that we have higher chances for below average temperatures here in Region 8 for the month of February. This is quite a contrast from our January, which was the third warmest January on record! In the wake of the forming La Nina though, we should start to see temperatures above average as we head into Spring and Summer.

Here's where it gets interesting for us in February. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting higher chances for above average precipitation in February. I used the "nerd word" of "precipitation" because that may be in the form of snow, rain, or sleet. We'll see what happens, but a colder than average month of February with higher than average precip' should sound nice to someone that wants some snow!

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