Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Glad Someone is Speaking Out!

There is a big problem that us weather folks have had for some time and finally someone has spoken out to the public! For YEARS, weathercasters have had phone calls from parents and kids wanting the weather for the past week or month. They either play it off like they are just curious or they play it off like "calling us" was their assignment from their teachers.... We're not dumb, we know that YOU DID NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

It seems that the phone calls drastically increase in the Spring. I suppose that is when teachers like to teach about weather. In the past week, I have had a couple of emails and calls. I usually just politely give a website link they can try or drop them a few numbers, but when will it end? When will parents start stepping up? Most of the calls are FROM the parents!

Why am I speaking out about this now? Because one of my colleages in Nashville snapped about it on his blog( and I figured that this problem needs to be addressed around country.


You'll thank me later in life!

I'm done now, Move along...


PS- There were days when I did not do my homework either, but I still had share these thoughts with you!

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