Thursday, March 09, 2006

Storm Pictures...

Here are some storm pictures from Thursday. The attached email is first, then the pictures. We got a ton of pictures, so not all of them are on here. Thanks for sending pictures! I love digital cameras....

Take care,

Hello Ryan;
I am sending you some pictures of a rainbow that I took just a little while ago out side my front door here in Walnut Ridge. I do hope you enjoy them.
Laurie Cooper

Very pretty.
This was taken at the end of the storms as well. (In Thida)

Jerri Victory

This evening last storm to move through my area. you can see a faint rainbow b/t the cloud and the ground. The New Ark Power Plant is barely visable in this pic.

-Jerri Victory

The powerplant at Newark is in this pic.
-Jerri Victory

These pic were taken from Thida Thursday evening.

-Jerri Victory

I dont know what is going on really. But I just took some pictures on my camera, and would like you to look at them. It was just a few minutes ago. In Manila, Arkansas.

Thanks, Austin Family

These fell in my yard just off Highland Drive, across from the new mall. Once it quit, I gathered a few and photographed with coins for reference.

Alice Woodside

Hi Ryan,

My name is Kara Stevens and I did the weather with you about 5 years ago. I'm from Caraway, AR. I'm sending you pictures of what the sky looked like around 6:00 P.M. tonight (March 9th) in Caraway. Hope you like them.

Kara Stevens

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