Friday, August 04, 2006

Frogs & Toads EVERYWHERE!

We have frogs and toads all over our yard. At night, they crawl all over our windows! I guess they eat bugs and are beneficial, but I'm thinking we a too many. The above picture was taken outside with me looking out the window. Do any of you have a ton of frogs and toads too? Is this normal?

(As you can see, I like to make faces at the frogs!)

Have a great day!


Andrew said...

Well Ryan I cant say we have that many tree frogs here in Walnut Ridge, but we do have an abundance of regular old toads this year.

By the way its good to see the real side of someone every now and again...LOL

Diane said...

Lots of toads and frogs usually means they have lots of bugs available to eat and a healthy environment. Frogs and toads are some of the first animals to show stress and disappear when their habitat is polluted or compromised.

So lots of them means they have a healthy habitat. Good sign for your boys' playing outside, too! :-)

James' Mom said...

You're crazy! That face you're making is very similar to your famous *cowface* from back in the day. (Moooooo)