Friday, August 04, 2006

Glad To Be Home...

I didn't say this in the last couple of posts, but I was typing those blogs in a hotel room in Jackson, MS. I went down to our sister station, WLBT, to help them with some computer software on their weather computers. I may visit a few more stations in the next year or so. Who knows... I may even visit my old station in Alabama! I wonder if I could make a quick encore appeareance on WSFA?!?!? LOL

Anywho... It was just a few days... But I really missed my wife and kids! It's good to be home!

Going to sleep now!


Anonymous said...

You need to come make a surprise visit on "TIA". You are truley missed.

Stacy said...

Give us blog-readers a little heads-up if you head back to 12 country, OK???