Monday, September 03, 2007

Humid At The Fair!

The weekend started out with low humidity and comfortable temperatures, but now it is hot and humid again! Don't complain though, the increase in moisture is going to lead to better rain chances.

We spent most of the weekend camping on the lake. Overall, it was a great time. The wasp stings and the sour stomach of one of the boys were just minor setbacks. I'll save those stories for another day.

Today, my wife and father-in-law entered THE Green Tomato Relish into the county fair. This is their first time to be involved in any culinary competition... so hopefully they score well! Wouldn't it be cool if they won a ribbon!
This was our first time to really check out the "other things" at the fair. We have always been the family that rides a few rides, grabs a funnel cake, and plays a game or two. This time, we checked out the animals, canning items, antique tractors, crafts, etc. We really had a good time until it got hot and humid.

Anywho, I'm back to work tomorrow. I'll be chatting about the "better" rain chances on the blog later tonight or tomorrow. We may ACTUALLY see some decent rainfall and cooler temperatures later this week! Stay tuned!

Happy Labor Day,


graciejo said...

Great pics!! As a child we use to go to the fair the day before it opened when all the animals were coming in and everybody was setting up. We even got to hang out in the firemans tent since my uncle was a fireman there. It was some of our greatest times.
With kids it doesn't ake alot to make great memories.
Even wasp stings and throwing up on camping trips will make great memories.

Nana & Poppy said...

The fair was hot, but the day was still great!!. Camping was even better, aside from a few minor set backs. I had cousins that entered cows at the fair and they would come to Nashville and stay all week. My brother and grandfather would go out and stay with them some. It was always a fun week. The fairs have changed so much, its refreshing to go and see the community come together. By the way for an update, there were 2 blue ribbons given to the relish makers. Congrats to Jenn and Poppy.

Heidi the Relish Monster said...

Yay! That stuff looked like Blue Ribbon material! mmmmm, green tomato relish

Faye P. said...

I found out about the relish awards. Great job guys. You will have to send some to Nashville and let us try it. Looks really good.

I don't know which I liked best when i was little, going to the fair and looking at all the animals and everything else or going camping. Both were great times. I totally agree with you Poppy that the fairs have really changed and if you can go to the smaller counties, there fairs are great.