Friday, November 16, 2007

Battling the Spica Cast

He's hanging in there! We got to leave the hospital and he is doing good. Thanks for all of the prayers and kind words.

Hopefully we can help some other parents in the future with their kids who end up in a Spica cast. I have been doing some research online and there are some valuable tips. Maybe I'll have some tips to share in future. Who knows, someone may Google search "Spica Casts" and this entry will pop up to help someone. If so, feel free to email me at

I don't have many tips right now, but I'm sure I will soon. So far, my only tip is to find a wide wagon and don't bother with a pediatric wheelchair... unless insurance pays for it. The wagon has worked well. I've also been reading online about kids using dollies to get around on their belly! That should be funny! He's in a little too much pain to do the dollie trick right now... but maybe in a few weeks. So far, he has been content by watching TV and playing with Transformers and his toy "Storm TRACKER".

Thanks again to everyone. I'm going to be off work for a few days while we adjust at home. It takes 2 people to do everything, so I'm going to stay around here. Sarah is doing a great job filling in and Chris did an awesome job to make it to the station at the last second on Tuesday night.

Take care,
EDIT (8/9/2009) Here is an email I got from one parent to send to the rest of the parents in this situation:
i founded your site when I was researching about kids with broken femurs. On the 24th of Jun.'09 my son,Nolan (33 months),fell off his bunk bed while playing with his brother and his cousin, I lefted them alone for 2 minutes to fix a corner of the computer desk so they wont bump their heads on it....then i heard the most horrible sound I've ever heard and found him laying on top of the bottom rail,as soon as i picked him up i saw a lump on his right thigh and felt the bone.he was brought to the E.R. for x-rays and it was broken at the midshaft. After he was put in a spica cast..we followed up with an Ortho. and the doctor told us he needed traction to realign his bone for a better angle (the angulation was at 25-30 degrees)...the method is horrible..he would not be able to move while they put weights to stretch the bone,using a screw the size of a pencil put in above the knee.My wife and I was horrified to even think of the pain he has to go through and that we cant hold him for 2 weeks!!! We instead, wanted a second opinion and thank GOD we did!!!Our other Ortho.(one of the top ortho. in the midwest) said nothing about realignment. We are so happy he doesn't need that surgery!! The point im trying to make is that maybe you should post this on your site so parents can make the decisions with other doctors opinions. I know your site has helped alot of parents dealing with the same horrible ordeal.Can you please tell me how your son is doing now and if he has any shortening or lenghting of his injuried leg or any other complications now?Im just so worry that he will walk with a limp or other complications.God bless you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Little guy looks good! I know you and Mom will take good care of him. Our family will keep you in our prayers. Transformers and TV will only last for so long!

Heidi said...

My first thought when I saw him in this photo was a bean bag chair, and when I googled it I saw that others have used those too. ... I think he's gonna be fine -- he's got Transformers, afterall! :)