Friday, November 16, 2007

Cold Snap on Turkey Day!

I may be off work, but I'm still a weather geek and will continue to check the forecast. We have a big cold snap that may slide in just in time for Thanksgiving. How Cold? How about highs in the 40s and lows in the upper 20s! That's a Cold Turkey Day! The above image is the BUFKIT program showing the 6Z GFS computer model. You've seen this before, but the timestamp goes from right to left. I have plotted clouds, precip, temperature, CAPE, and >1000 Elevated Cape. If you look for at it... you'll figure most of it out! :)

The clouds will increase from Mon-Thu with a slim chance for some light showers. The best chance of rain will come with the cold front on Wednesday. Even then, it is not going to be much rain. Not what we NEED for duck hunting! Oh well, we'll deal with it. Side note: Thunder and lighting is possible, but "widespread" severe weather is NOT expected with the cold front.

Anywho, I also like looking at the 850mb (@5000 feet) temperatures to forecast high temperatures. It's amazing to see the big plunge of blue and pink head South! Below is the 850mb temperatures for Tuesday and then for Thursday. Click here to read up on 850mb temperatures.

There's nothing new on the personal end. We're doing fine. I'm going to out today to search for a "wide" wagon. We are borrowing one now, but we'll wear it out over 3 months! Therefore, I'm going to buy a new one. I need one that is at least 18" wide. We'll see.... my oldest boy is going to enjoy getting out of the house, too!

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Nana & poppy said...

NO COLD WEATHER!! NO COLD WEATHER!! I'n boycotting cold weather. Let it only go down into the 50"s. No Lower!!

Heidi Farrar: Region-8 Weather Visionary said...

Why don't you just go ahead and call it right now, Ryan. Region-8 Thanksgiving Blizzard, 2007. I think I'm going to go buy bread & milk now ... you know, to get ahead of the stampede.

(Just kidding)

Jason H said...

It will seem more like Thanksgiving with it cold !!!! I love it....maybe Ryan can get us some snow in here next week ?

Jason H said...

As I write is 67 in West Plains, and 44 in Springfield. I love it!