Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

As some of you know, the Vaughan house had an accident Tuesday night. My youngest son has a badly broken bone in his upper leg from tackle by his brother in the front yard. That's why I was not on at 10:00 news on Tuesday night. When the phone call comes, you have to go.

Please keep the little guy in your prayers. He is going to be in a "Spica" cast for several weeks and will not walk correctly for close to 6 months. For you medical folks, it was a spiral fracture to his Femur. He's still in the hospital.

If you have already "googled" to see what a Spica cast looks like, then you know that he has some major adjusting in his little life. Please keep all of us in your prayers... Prayers, our Church family and friends have really kept us strong.

I will be off work for several days. Sarah is holding down the Fort.

I'm heading back to the hospital... Take care,

PS- In case you were wondering, this is our 2nd broken bone in 8 weeks. The other one was my oldest son and not as bad as this... I'm glad witnesses have been around or we would have the cops at the hospital!


The Farrars said...

WHOA, Ryan. You guys take care & we'll be praying for you all, for sure.

Janet said...

Prayers to all of a parent, it is so painful to see your child hurting, so extra special prayers are being sent for Mommy and Daddy too.

If you post a P.O. Box address, I'm sure lots of cards will be sent his way.

Take care.....God Bless the little fella!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ryan-God Bless You All ...
this brought back some scary memories,tho i laugh now at how we managed to get thru the turbulous times..
I remember the terrible 2`s, and they are indeed that! as my lil golden locked speed deamon. ran instead of walked,and got 3 black eyes in space of 2 weeks........ think i didnt do a lot of praying, we didnt have to visit a doc`s office, during that healing time as
was just sure the policemen would have been at hand. giggle, they do finally grow out of that stage...HONEST!

Vicki Lemonds said...

Yikes! *hugs* and prayers, you guys. I've had a broken leg (mine was the lower leg, thank goodness) and a broken ankle (which I'm still recovering from), so I can totally sympathize.

Brian Tritch said...

Yipe! I've had broken bones, not that bad though, I found out today that my grandmother is also in the hospital with pneumonia. So Join the crowd, Are you guys in paragould hospital?

Might look you up and check on ya's. I'll be up that way tomarrow afternoon anyways, Thoughts and prayers your way!!! GOOD LUCK!

blondie said...

My goodness! I'm so sorry to hear this news. You guys have really been hit hard lately......with the passing of your stepmother, and now the two breaks with the boys. My heart goes out to all of you. You're in the valley right now, but that mountain will come again, I promise! As someone said earlier, it's hard as parents to see your children hurting and suffering, and confused about why they can't do certain things, especially with this age. I'm one of them that googled the cast. Looks awful! We're praying for you and your family. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Stacy said...

Yowsers! Praying for you all RIGHT now.... Keep us posted!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ryan,
I'm sorry to hear about your son breaking his leg like that. My youngest daughter broke her arm a couple of years ago. I know what you are going through. Hers wasn't as serious as your son's is though, but still she had to ware a cast for 6 weeks. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Yall sure have had the bad luck lately. It happens to the best of us though. It is 32 degrees here in Caraway. It's a cold morning that's for sure. I knew something had to be wrong the other night when Chris was doing the 10:00p.m weather and then back on the next morning at 5:00a.m. Tell Chris when you talk to him that I really appreciate his dedication for doing the weather for you in your time of need. Chris seems to be a good person. I really enjoy watching him of the mornings. Take care and God Bless and Be With You All.

Karen H.
Caraway, AR