Sunday, November 18, 2007


I talked about the "Toy StormTRACKER" in a previous post. I thought I would let you see what it looks like! Here's a video demonstration of my new invention, with my host... my wagon-bound son.

It's similar to the Wood Ford StormTRACKER, with a few extra features. Maybe this can be the prototype for our next StormTRACKER.

We'll see,


Graciejo said...

Those sure are some bright eyes and big dimples!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how Adorable your lil guy is!
Too bad i have no grandchildren as that storm tracker would be a must I`d have to be asking Santa for.

Mom/Memaw said...

This makes me smile to see George's beautiful little smiles!
Thanks for the video..(I watched it many times today)

Matt Johnson said...

dude, where did u come up with that at? is that the stations newest marketing tool?

Heidi said...

That rig has some slick sound effects. Does it have a ray gun? :D