Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Chasin'

My weather radio went off around 6:41 am for the Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Lawrence County. I usually sleep in, but I figured I better get up! Chris had things under control at the station, so I took the Wood Ford StormTRACKER out to investigate. I knew there was not a threat for tornadoes, but I went searching for some hail... and found it.
The above image gives you a "behind the scenes" look inside the truck. I had not "punched" into the storm yet, but as I drove a few miles to the North of Paragould, I knew I was in position to see some hail... if it was there...
The rain came down hard and the lightning was tremendous! After a few moments of heavy rain, I started to hear the hail on the truck. It was mainly dime-sized, with some penny-sized mixed in... Visibility was LOW!
Once the storm passed, some very nice cloud formations formed within the updrafts and downdrafts of the storm. A new storm or two was forming on the heels of the strong storms that had already passed... The thunder continued through the morning!
It's always cool to take some pictures of the Wood Ford StormTRACKER after the storms pass!
Have a good day!


Jason H said...

It was nice to wake up to the sound of thunder here in Pocahontas too. We got a nice little Thunderstorm...The first good one we have had in a while.

Anonymous said...

Over here in corning it rained pretty steady for awhile, but I had the winow open listening to the pitter patter on my AC, while memories rolled of a HAWAIIAN WINTER,
then the thunder started rolling and lightning dancing....
My little peke Miss pd no attention to the lightning, but oh lordy. did she howl over the thunder....I tried to hush her by saying, now sweetie `heavens angels are just bowling....and she looked at me as if saying:

Shadow Farrar's Mom said...

We had some very close thunder/lightning this morning at around 6:30, which Shadow Farrar did not appreciate. With this came minimal rainfall, however, as we did not get "the storm" that you guys to our east had. (Show-offs. ;)