Monday, November 12, 2007

New Era At Church

There are so many directions I could go with the title, but I am referring to our new Pastor at my Church! As you read on the blog in January, we have been in search of a new Pastor. A couple of weeks ago, a man was named!

On November 25th, Pastor Jason Noel will be coming to East Side Baptist.

I'm excited about the future of our Church and excited for Jason and his family. I've always respected the Noel Family. For those that do not know the Noel parents, let me fill you in... They raised three boys. Those three boys have become a Youth Minister, a Senior Pastor, and Doctor. Not too shabby, eh?

You have seen the Noels on the blog a few times. They are part of the "Talladega Crew" that I have talked about and Jason use to have a blog linked off of my blog. Hopefully he will start a new blog soon.

If you are reading... Welcome home Jason.


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