Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Storms Are Gone...

It got a little rough across Region 8 this afternoon. We had some hail reports and some wind reports, but nothing too terrible. We even had a few funnel cloud reports along the MO and AR border. Here are a couple of pictures of the storm as it came through Marmaduke, taken by Butch Gilliam:

We were a little more aggressive with our Severe Weather Coverage today because we knew a lot of folks were traveling and needed the information ASAP. We were live on KAIT, KAIT 24/7 weather,, and on the Triple FM radio stations. I was very pleased with our team work to make all of the coverage go smoothly.

We also sent the Wood Ford StormTRACKER out in the storms with Storm Chaser, Hatton Weeks and photojournalist, Laura Gunter.

To my knowledge, we are the only station in the state to stream live video via a chase vehicle. If you have never seen us stream the video from the Wood Ford StormTRACKER... take a look:

If you have any pictures, email me at

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving!



Heidi says cool! said...

Awesome, Ryan! I didn't realize that the station did a live stream at all, let alone from the StormTRACKER. This is very valuable info, since people on StormTrack and/or, etc. are always wanting to know where there is a live-stream during severe events.

... (Then again, I hope the load from a few hundred extra viewers wouldn't end up crashing the site! :-O )

Anonymous said...

Mercy! Caught this way past storm time, and was here in corning when
the rain came pouring.....WOW! this is some form of reporting! You can bet in future i`LL BE WATCHING BLOG WHEN STORM IN PROGRESS......