Friday, December 07, 2007

Spica Spin & Some Venting

You can still have fun in a Spica Cast! Yesterday, my son started doing a little game on the kitchen floor. It's called the Spica Spin! I can't take credit for the name because some other parents on YouTube have had kids start the same move!

In case you were wondering, he is doing good. The X-Rays look great and he is healing nicely. We have adjusted at home and everything is going as smooth as it can in a Spica Cast.

As I have mentioned earlier, we use a wagon to get him around. It's more comfortable for him and less expensive than a pediatric wheelchair. The only problems with a wagon are the comments that we get from people in public. People actually think we are dragging around a perfectly healthy kid in a wagon. We get comments like, "He's got it made.... He's a lucky guy... I wish I were him... etc"....

I understand that these people may not see his cast at first, but do you really think we would drag a wagon around the mall? I get a little frustrated at times and want to say... NO, you do not want to be him and I'm sure he would rather walk!"... but I usually just bite my tongue. :)

One time in Target, some idiot got mad because we were taking up too much room. Instead of saying "Excuse me", he made some comment like... "well if they would just move..."! I almost came unglued, but I did not want to be in the Jonesboro Sun the next morning!

So here's some advice... If you see a kid in a wagon being transported around the mall, do not assume that he is "living the good life." He may have a partial body cast on!

I'm done venting... Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

and now you know the full frustration of those who have unseen disabilities and use the handicapped parking spaces......Boy, could I tell you some stories on this issue, and the spurted hate comments made...
Its sad, but we will aways have to deal with and overlook folks in a hurry and mean spirited.... just as we do with Good vs Evil.
Defined as "IGNORANCE!

Tori Lennox said...

Unfortunately, a large number of the general population are just Clueless. I'm glad the little guy is doing as well as he is.

Anonymous said...

I can fully understand the way you feel about peoples comments. I am the parent of a three year old who has special needs and more often than not I have to keep him pent up in a stroller. People often ask why I have a three year old little boy in a stroller that he is too big for all of that. On the other hand they have absolutley no idea what is going on here. You see my son is autistic and the slightest little thing will send him spirraling into a sometimes very violent tantrum. So to alleveate this we just keep with what is comforting to him which happens to be a stroller that yes he is too big for but also prevents the enevitable. Even small changes like a light bulb being blown effect him in a way that they do not effect normal people. So i can fully understand the frustration of people putting their two cents in where they have no idea what is really going on.

The Okra Eater said...

That Spica Spin is pretty cool. Good to see that he's adjusting so well to all of this. Heck, maybe he'll miss the thing when it comes off?!

You don't think that Weatherman Loses it, Brawls at Local Target Store looks like a nice headline? I thought you were in the news business!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your son. He is a cute kid and seems to have loving parents. That's really all that matters. Don't get messed up by people that that don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you from another view as well. My son is autistic and when he starts to do the arm flapping thing, people start shaking their heads and one lady asked me if I needed help making my son behave. I could have made her head shake for her. Understand your thoughts bub. Glad he is doing well.