Saturday, January 19, 2008


There is a rule that "news people" can not share their political views. This is my own personal blog that happens to be linked from my station's website, but I'm sure they would frown on me stating my political views on my personal blog. But why?

Are people in the media "really" unbiased? Do we expect the public to believe that we do not lean to the right or to the left? I've always been a little perplexed by the whole topic.

Is it "old-timey" to not be transparent? I think so.

In the national media, I can easily pick out who votes to the left and who votes to the right. I know Keith Olbermann is going to vote to the left and I know Bill O'Reilly is going to vote to the right, but they still report the news to us.... They even work the election coverage!

Why is the local media not transparent, too? What are your thoughts?

Anyone want to guess who I plan to vote for in a couple of weeks? Take a guess... What about the other anchors... Who do you think Craig Rickert will vote for? What about Lauren and Diana? Sarah?

For those that don't know me... I love politics and I love watching elections, debates, etc. To some of you, it probably bores you to death. (My little secret: I'd love to be President one day!) HA!

Anywho, I'm off to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Laughing.....Dareing lil devil arent you?
What folks tend to forget during the character slashing venue of election time is: All these folks are Americans, having the Right to choose according to thier political beliefs,most arrived at,by parent teachings.
Agree or Not- That is a Constitutinal Right!
Like religion, it can cause a heated debate .... and even loss of long standing friendships.
The sadness lies in the inability of looking past the name choice, and into the walk the man/woman has walked and is walking.
Shared ideals oft are the format of great changes.

Jason H said...

I will take a guess who you guys would vote for just for the heck of it...

Craig- Obama
Lauren- Clinton
Diana- Clinton
Sarah- Huckabee
Ryan- Hmmmm I am gonna go with Huckabee or Mccain.

Why did I just do this...I'll never know if I got them right or wrong ? :-)

Heidi says think about it :) said...

Though he'd probably like to keep this private, I'm betting that Craig writes in the name Donald Duck at least once every election day. Donald or Mickey, either one. :D

You, I believe, have already voiced your support for Huckabee some time or another (haven't you?), although maybe you've been stung a bit since you couldn't land that interview for the blog. I'd still like to know whether he's a mayo or (cough) Miracle Whip guy.

I have to say that I am having a bit of difficulty in "choosing" a candidate this year. (I am also big into debates; we need more of them on ABC!) As someone with zero ties to any political party (which is how I think it should be...) I'm sure I spend a lot more time examining the candidates than the average person. What I do know is that there are a few who I have started to get a little excited about, based on what I saw of them on TV, but then I've ended up being a little bit shocked or even semi-horrified when I visited their official campaign websites (which I highly recommend - it's good to see their "plans" laid out in front of you in writing).

In any case, it will definitely be interesting to see who ends up winning the nominations and which running mates are chosen. Imagine if McCain wins the nomination and chooses a guy like Joe Lieberman as a running mate? or if Obama and Clinton end up on the same ticket (if that happens, I project their landslide victory) ... We're in for a heavy-duty political fall-season, that's for sure!

James' Mom said...

I can't wait for you to be President one day! Can I be one of your mock debate peeps?

Stan Morris said...

Politics don't bore me to death!

But yeah, I work at KAIT too, so I suppose they wouldn't!

David said...

I bet you are a closet Obama Man!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ryan i think anyone has right to their own opinion. so long as their they say it's their opinion no one can tell anyone what to think or feel!!!!!!!myself i am for Clintonfor pres. & Obama for v.p. thanks
jean meeker

Anonymous said...

I would guess that you are backing Mike Huckabee.

Craig ????

Diana - Mike Huckabee

Lauren - Clinton

Sarah - Huckabee

I think we need a whole new set of candidates to choose from, we don't have much of a selection. Maybe this could be the year for you to run for President!!!