Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Heavy Rain? Ugh...

We'll have a series of storms that may dump some heavy rain over parts of Region 8 and points northward over the next 5 days. The above image is the 5-Day rainfall forecast from the HPC. As you can see, a lot of rain may fall over the Mississippi and Ohio River basins.

These figures may end up being conservative, too. Some data suggest 4-6" of rain for the Jonesboro area, with most of that falling on Monday. With all of the rain expected to fall in the Ohio River area, I'm concerned about that water flowing into Mighty Mississippi River. I expect that the river levels are going to go a little higher than expected on the Mississippi... we'll see.

We're still several days, but heavy rain is the LAST thing we need around here. Hopefully the forecast changes.

Have a great day,



jerry said...

How important will it be for the upcoming rains to fall east of the Mississipi, and not in Southern Missouri?


Ryan said...

Great question Jerry! Rains to the East would be better for most of Region 8, due to the setup of river basins. The threat would then be mainly for the Mississippi River. However, the latest guidance does not look good for us here. See this link: