Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow In Nashville? Snow In Region 8?

There are already some reports of 4" of snow in Region 8 and I was starting to get jealous! If you have been reading the blog today, you know that I am in Nashville. WELL, I decided to check the latest data at 9:55 PM this evening and it now looks like Nashville will get some good snowfall, too. Maybe some REALLY good snowfall! LOL... See graphic:

After seeing that data, I decided that I needed to tune in to one of my mentors, Lisa Patton, at WKRN. Lisa Patton and Davis Nolan at NEWS 2 really helped shape my young mind 10 years ago when I interned at their station. When I tuned in, Lisa showed this graphic and mentioned that her numbers were conservative to the models....

I then went into shock when I realized that I may get some snow, too! I was a little concerned that I was not going to see a "real" snowfall this year and now it looks like it may just happen! The below image is my reaction to Lisa's graphic! :)

With all of that said, there is still some time for this forecast to change! This is true for Region 8 and for me here in Nashville. Stay tuned to the latest weather updates throughout the day tomorrow! If you want snow, I hope you get a good dose! I'm off to talk to Trey Stafford about the snow event!

Have a great night,



MTWC said...

Well other than being maybe couple degrees cooler the weather here in Nashville is pretty similar to that of region 8. According to the NWS we've only gotten 2.4 of our average 9 inches of snow this winter. Ryan, did you do any interning at the NWS Nashville or any Nashville TV stations while you were on the rise?
-Clay in Nashville

MTWC said...

Never mind the intern question. I learned that as I read on! lol

Anonymous said...

Twelve o'clock here in the Bay area and haven't seen anything yet. What's the deal?lol

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ryan,
Well, I am so disappointed once again. LOL. As I'm typing this and waiting on my coffee to get done, we have NOTHING here in Caraway. It is 36 degrees and very windy, but NOTHING outside here. I should have known better to get all excited about this storm system. GRRRR. LOL. I sure hope that whoever got Snow, enjoys it. I guess I just live in the wrong part of state. LOL. Maybe I need to move to Russellville. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great morning. I'm waiting on my coffee to get done so I can cry in my coffee. LOL. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Heidi said...

Woke up to 6" of snow; BEAUTIFUL! It's still coming down -- time to play! :D