Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greeted Back With Tornado Warnings!

I came back from vacation yesterday to dark skies and thunder. I pull up my radar program at home and see a tornado warning! I turn on the TV and there is J-Lo covering the potential tornado which was a few miles from my home!

I knew it would not last long, simply due to the atmospheric conditions... so I knew it would be worthless to head to work. Plus, Justin had it under control and I was on vacation. BUT, I did decide to go drive around to see if I could report back any information.

I drove all around Greene County and did not see much, BUT some of the Region 8 viewers saw some funnels, snapped some pictures, and sent them to The Loop. Both of the above pictures were taken in Light, AR. These may have briefly touched down because we had some minor damage reported along Highway 412. This occurred before I went driving around...

On the bright side, it was nice to see some more rain in the area!


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