Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Region 8 Viewer, Beach Update

This picture was taken today over Fort Morgan, AL which is near Gulf Shores. Steve Jones snapped this shot as he was doing some aerial inspections. For the most part, everything looked great today! In addition, I got a report from a Region 8 viewer today via email. Here's Carol's report from today:

"We are here now and the water is great at Fort Morgan. That is where we are actually staying. The oil seemed to have gone around here. We drove to the beaches in Gulf Shores today and there are some that are closed but there are some that are open. We also drove to Orange Beach and it is horrible! But, there is no smell. The skimmers are a little closer to the shore in Fort Morgan today but there is no oil. Occasionally we will see a tar ball but they are few and far between. Hope you have a great vacation and I will keep you updated until we leave which will be on Saturday."

If you are heading to Destin or Panama City... all is well right now. Everything changes DAILY! It's amazing how fast they clean up the beaches after an incident. One other note from Steve... none of the beaches are "closed", but there is a swimming advisory for some.


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