Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update On The Cool Down

It appears that we are still on track for a cool down. The latest data still tracks an upper-level low out of Canada into Region 8 early next week. The above image is the latest GFS model and it has the low right on top of us on Monday and Tuesday. Notice the blue on the map? That's the cooler air overspreading the region.
The above image is what is going on now, more or less. It's the European model depicting this evening. I made this really simple. The orange-yellowish area is the warm air that we were feeling today. We had highs in the 90s once again. This will end soon as you can see...
This last image is the European model's solution to Tuesday evening as the low is moving off to the NE. Notice the blue over us in Region 8, indicating cooler air! I'm not sure about you, but I want more blue and less orange! #Plain&Simple

Stay tuned!

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Andrew Sloan said...

Ryan, what about the yellow to the NW of the blue does that mean we will warm back up like a few years ago and have some 90's in October. I hope not. Glad your feeling better.