Sunday, February 27, 2011

Storms This Evening

The area in red is the "moderate" risk from SPC. The model shown is similar to what Justin showed last night on StormCAST. The coverage is not widespread. The rain would not last long, BUT it shows a couple of storms shortly after 8PM tonight that could easily be strong or tornadic.

If you look at radar this evening and you do not see anything, do NOT let your guard down. It would not surprise me to see 1-2 cells form rapidly somewhere in the Midsouth and quickly become severe.

More storms will come later in the night... after midnight toward morning.

We'll be watching it closely!

Off to Church!


Emery82 said...

Something tells me that we are going to have a pretty bad year .

Anonymous said...

So glad you are on top of this weather ! Thank you ! I trust you and your team more than any other !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan. I appreciate all you guys and gal do.