Sunday, February 09, 2014

Some Snow, Just Not That Much

I'm back in the office and sipping some coffee. I'm glad to be getting back into my routine, but I wish I could come back to an easier forecast. The snow coming in tomorrow is painfully close, but I'm cautiously happy to report that most of it will stay south of here. Notice, I said "most", not "all". So, here are the bullet points at 3:30 PM on Sunday for the storm coming in tomorrow and Tuesday:

  • Most of you will see snowflakes falling.
  • BUT, Most of you will not see much accumulation.
  • The greater chance for significant accumulation is south of I-40.
  • I see three chances for snow over a 36 hour period
  • First chance is tomorrow morning (Monday AM) and it could give some brief snow showers for Region 8 and could give some spots a dusting, even on roads. Key words: BRIEF and LIGHT.
  • I suppose there is a chance that it will be enough to cancel some schools, but I don't speak on behlaf of the schools.
  • Second chance is the main round. It comes in tomorrow night and mainly gives snow to areas south of the KAIT viewing area, aka Region 8. I expect it to clip White, Woodruff, Cross, St, Francis, and Crittenden counties.
  • Third chance is the chance I just noticed. There could be some brief snow showers Tuesday, during the day. This is still questionable, but if it materializes, could bring a dusting in some parts of Region 8, especially in the White river Valley area. Stay tuned.
  • So, with all of that said, here's what we are thinking right now:

Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated! I plan to look over more data tonight and should have an update between 9:00 and 10:00 PM.

Have a great Sunday!


barbara robbins said...

Would much rather see a little snow than ice! Glad your better too !

barbara robbins said...

Would rather see snow than ice any day ! Glad your better too !