Sunday, February 09, 2014

Will We Miss The Snow?

I'm not completely sounding the all clear, but most of the snow in the forecast tomorrow will likely pass south of Region 8. If you read the blog last night, I was strongly leaning to this solution and I agree even more after the morning data. Here are the bullet points as of 10AM on Sunday morning:
  • The kids will go to school more this week than last week!
  • Most of the snow will go south of the KAIT viewing area.
  • In Region 8, White, Woodruff, and St. Francis counties have the best chance of an accumulating snowfall.
  • The best timing is for tomorrow evening (Monday night), but flakes may fly at any point tomorrow.
  • While the better chance of accumulating snow is south of us, we will still see some snowflakes flying across all of Region 8.
  • Don't panic when the previous bullet point occurs. :)
  • The "fly in the ointment" might be freezing drizzle. It made the roads slick this morning and it could do that again tomorrow morning. Subtle, but dangerous. We'll watch for it.
  • Here's my thinking as of 10AM on Sunday morning:  
In conclusion, this can still change. It's Arkansas and Missouri weather and we can be thrown a curve ball at any time. We're going to be tracking it closely as it unfold. I'm heading back to work tonight and will be on Region 8 News at 5:00 and 10:00.

I have not had a fever in several days and I feel a lot better! I'm just tired. If I get out of breath for talking for 3 minutes tonight, forgive me! :) I'm so ready to get back to my normal routine.

Have a great Sunday,

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