Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blew a Forecast & More Wintry Weather

Let me start by stating that I completely blew the forecast yesterday. The 50° temperatures never made it to most of Region 8. Every now and then, we have to admit when we blew the forecast and this is one of those times. Thankfully, most of us went above freezing. Look how close the warm weather was to Region 8! Yesterday's highs:

North Little Rock  :  52
Little Rock        :  60
Hot Springs Arpt   :  62
Fort Smith Arpt    :  57 
Fayetteville       :  49 
Harrison           :  39
Jonesboro          :  37 
El Dorado          :  68 
Texarkana          :  69
Pine Bluff Arpt    :  64 
Mountain Home Arpt :  40 
Russellville       :  51 
Mt. Ida            :  61 
Newport Arpt       :  38
Monticello Arpt    :  64
Highfill           :  46 
Blytheville        :  39
West Memphis       :  55 
DeQueen            :  63

Yesterday was a tough forecast. Now we have a weak storm that will give snow to some places, but not too much for us in Region 8.

Here's what radar may look like later today:

If you notice, most of the precipitation stays south of the viewing area. Our southern counties may see just enough to have a dusting. These counties have a Winter Weather Advisory:
In Region 8, this includes Cleburne, White, Woodruff, Cross, St. Francis, and Crittenden counties. Ironically, the people that saw the warmer weather yesterday will see snow and sleet today!

Have a great day!


Courtney Mace said...

I don't think anyone expects an apology. No one expects you or anyone to get it right all the time. God's in control and He likes to throw in some curveballs from time to time. We just appreciate all you do!

The Mace family

Lisa Schuch said...

If anyone needs the motto "don't shoot the messenger" it's a meteorologist. Thank you for all you do!!

louis skulnik said...

It has less to do with God than geographic location. Sorry to dissapoint any believers!