Sunday, March 01, 2015

More Wintry Weather This Week?

I wish I did a better job of NOT looking at data on my day off. In my profession, having a true "day off" is almost impossible though. As I look at the forecast data coming in this morning, I'm concerned that parts of the state will have more wintry weather on Wednesday. This is very concerning because the kids do not need to miss any more school and there are basketball tournaments. Here are my thoughts at 11:30 am on Sunday:
  • First, we are still 48-72 hours away from any problems
  • A lot can change in the forecast in 3 days.
  • Tuesday looks warm with showers and thunderstorms
  • Cold air arrives Wednesday and moisture overrides the cold air coming in...
  • Parts of Region 8 will likely see some wintry weather on Wednesday.
  • WHERE and HOW MUCH are still in question.
  • Precipitation TYPE is still in question.
Models are not in great agreement yet. Some data suggests that the rain will be gone and south before the cold air arrives. That would be "best case scenario". Other data suggests sleet and some suggests that the entire column of the atmosphere will be below 32° and it will be plain ole snow. At this point, we will say a "wintry mix" until we can get more specific.

I am announcing some of the 5A basketball tournament at Greene County Tech this week. I have already been talking with the organizers of the tournament and we are going to stay in close contact all week. That tournament impacts a lot of Region 8 schools. I'll keep you posted. Let's hope everything stays on schedule.

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