Friday, October 30, 2015

Final Halloween Forecast! Very Detailed!

It's late and I've looked over the evening data. I'm feeling pretty good about Halloween Night. I'm not saying that it will be 100% dry, but I'm feeling good about the forecast. Here are my final thoughts:

  • It's going to rain on Halloween, BUT the best chance of rain will be around lunchtime.
  • Everyone in Region 8 will have rainfall, so the ground will obviously be wet.
  • 0.50-1.00" of rainfall is likely.
  • Most of the rain will end before sunset.
  • A few sprinkles, drizzle, and some ISOLATED showers may still be possible in the evening.
  • Rain chances are:
    • 60% at 7AM
    • 100% at Noon
    • 40% at 5PM
    • 20% at 7PM
Let's show you what radar may look like on Halloween. Early in the day, the rain will be increasing in coverage and intensity:
By Noon, our rain chances will be at their highest of the day. This will be a good time to take a nap!:
By 5PM, rain will be tapering off in most locations, but still some leftover showers:
By 7PM, we may have most of the rain out of Region 8, but I still think we will have some pockets of drizzle or sprinkles:

Let's hope we get the rain out of here before the ASTATE game and Trick or Treating! This is my last blog post about the rain chances on Halloween, BUT I will do 1 or 2 LIVE Facebook videos before Halloween evening. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for that info!

Have a great weekend!

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