Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Game, Parades, and Rain... Oh my.

Weather changes are coming! I was FREEZING last night on the weather deck and decided that I'm not ready for Winter. I like HOT weather. You may hear me grumble a little when it is over 100 degrees, but you will hear me complain a lot more when it is under 50 degrees. With that said, I'm glad to see the temperatures going UP over the next few days.

The graph above is taken from a program we call BUFKIT. It takes the data from a model (6Z GFS here) and puts many of the parameters in a nice graphical format. Unlike everything else in the world, it goes from RIGHT to LEFT.

If you click on the image to enlarge it, you will notice a few things. First, the temperature and dewpoint will steadily be climbing over the next several days. Of course, it will be cooler at night, but the trend is upwards. The red line is the temperature and green line is the dewpoint.

We have a big game at ASU on Saturday against MTSU and a lot of people are eyeballing Saturday. We are still expected clouds as warmer, more moist air overspreads Region 8. We are continuing with a little 10% chance of rain, but I really expect the weather to be fine and actually pretty mild! Highs will be in the mid and upper 60s for the game!

The best chance of rain will come with a cold front on Tuesday. Right now, the data suggests that parts of Region 8 could get over 1" of rain. That would be good, but we need the rain gone by Tuesday evening because Paragould will have their Christmas Parade. I'm suppose to be LIVE there and be in the parade as well. I'll be tracking Tuesday's weather closely over the next several days!

Have a great Wednesday!

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