Monday, December 03, 2012

Lots of Rain Soon?

A lot of people are wanting rain. We're still in a drought and many duck hunters are needing a place for ducks to hang out this month! There are signs that the rain is coming.

We have some rain coming in tonight and tomorrow, which could bring 0.50"-1" to some areas. We have a chance of rain this weekend, also. This weekend, we could get a half inch in some spots... maybe. I want to focus on NEXT week though. Early indications are showing that 7-8 days from now, we could get some significant rainfall. The graphic below is the 48 hour rainfall total for next Tuesday morning.
If you notice, there is a large area of 2-5" of rainfall! That would be a nice bump! If you notice, the rain will be falling through a good part of the Mississippi and Ohio River basins. Surely, this could help the barge traffic on the river. That seems to be the biggest impact from the drought in Region 8 so far.

Maybe everyone can get their wish. Maybe the parades will be dry, with some heavy rain in between those days! Stay tuned!


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