Sunday, December 09, 2012

Active Weather, Next 24 hours

The weather is going to be quite active today through tomorrow morning. We are waking up on this Sunday morning with above average temperatures and muggy air. There is a chance of severe weather today as a cold front enters Region 8. Hail and wind appear to be the primary threats, but tornadoes can not be ruled out. We will be watching it closely in the Region 8 Storm Center.

The above graphic is the 6Z NAM. It shows the warm temperatures (top red line), the rain, the unstable air (CAPE in line though rain), and the possibility that it could end in a few flurries or snow showers. Rememer, the timeline goes from RIGHT to LEFT. I know... weird.

The chance of snow is the most difficult part of this forecast. Some data has suggested some accumulation in some spots, but I'm not sold on that, yet.

I'm heading to Church, lunch with family, and basketball practice.... Today is my day off, but Bryan McCormick is going to be watching it closely as well. I'll be staying up to date with the latest data as well and will update Facebook, and especially Twitter through the afternoon and evening. If the weather gets severe, I'll be heading to work! B-Mac and myself are going to stay in contact throughout the day!

Stay tune!


Gina said...

Thanks so much for always keeping us posted on severe weather. You are the BEST weather man ever!!!

Tigress said...

Thanks for the update! We have the best weather team in the nation!