Monday, March 25, 2013

Farmers Almanac And The Snow

EDIT: New info and blog in reference to blog below. Click here

Last week when it snowed, I had a few people tweet me that the Farmer's Almanac called for this snow months ago. I really did not believe that, so I kept asking people for a copy of the Almanac  Last night, Allison Munn sent me this page from the Farmer's Almanac. Click the image to enlarge:
I do not see anything that refers to the very cold air and snow we have had lately, but maybe I'm missing something. Is there another copy or version? I'm not talking about online version because they change daily based on the forecast, which is not your typical Farmer's Almanac. So, do you have a different version that says it would snow? If so, email it to me at or tweet me a pic at @ryanvaughan 

Stay warm!

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