Monday, March 11, 2013

Is Winter OVER?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of Winter. If I could wishcast, the answer to the title of this blog would be YES. However, my wishcasting typically does not work out too well. So, is Winter over? If you answer that question by questioning if we will have any more "significant" winter storms that impact travel, I would say winter is likely over. If you answer that question by cold temperatures, it's not over at all! In fact, many areas will drop to around freezing over the next couple of nights.

On average, Jonesboro's last freeze is around March 31st. The latest last freeze for Jonesboro was May 6th in 1927! That was a long time ago. In recent years, we had hard freeze in April of 2007 that hurt a lot of Spring vegetation. While that is possible, the chances of that happening again are low. Here were the lows on April 8, 2007. Graphic from the NWS in Little Rock:
I think Winter is winding down and the days of getting out of school and sledding are gone, but don't start planting flowers yet! We still have more freezing temperatures and frost over the next couple of weeks.

Let me leave you on a bright note... We're expecting 70s on Saturday!!!


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Unknown said...

I'll be headed back to Marmaduke April 1st from California. Looking forward to Spring planting.