Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cold, Fall Air Coming Into Region 8

Frost Advisories and Freeze Warnings have been issued for parts of Region 8. These advisories and warnings are issued by the National Weather Service when the first few blasts of cold air overspread Region 8 at the end of the growing season. A Freeze Warning is issued when widespread temperatures at or below 32 °F are expected during the growing season. A freeze may occur with or without frost. A  Frost Advisory is issued when widespread frost is expected during the growing season. Frost generally occurs with fair skies and light winds at temperatures at or below 36 °F. Frost can occur because while temperatures “officially” can be above freezing, the air around surfaces like grass and car windshields can be 32°F.

Here are some of the average first frosts and first freezes in Region 8 according to the NWS:

Alicia: Frost: 10/24, Freeze 11/3
Blytheville: Frost 11/01, Freeze 11/13
Corning: Frost 10/22, Freeze 11/2
Evening Shade: Frost 10/7, Freeze 10/18
Greers Ferry: Frost 10/25, Freeze 11/04
Jonesboro: Frost 10/22, Freeze 10/31
Mountain Home: Frost 10/19, Freeze 10/31
Mountain View: Frost 10/12, Freeze 10/25
Newport: Frost 10/30, Freeze 11/10
Paragould: Frost 10/27, Freeze 11/06
Pocahontas: Frost 10/21, Freeze 11/01

Wynne: Frost 10/19, Freeze 10/31

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