Monday, January 15, 2018

Timing of the Light Snow Today

If you check the Region 8 weather app, you will see that there is snow lurking close to Region 8. Clipper systems are like squirrels crossing the road in front of your car. You see them. You know they are going to cross the road. They speed up... slow down.. and then at some point... THEY RIP ACROSS.

We have been talking about this clipper moving through for several days. Initially, it looked like it would move through while we were sleeping tonight. If you have something that is 2,000 miles away and it's going 40 mph, it arrives in 50 hours. If it speeds up to 45 mph, it arrives in 44 hours. A small change makes a 6 hour difference. With our family, 6 hours is the difference between being at a ball game or being in my bed. There's the challenge. (I'm having a flash back to Mrs. Lamar's Algebra 2 class. Ugh)

Anywho, the snow today is coming in a little sooner. In fact, the snow is going to start in our northern counties and hang out for a few hours through the day. Thankfully, it is LIGHT. Eventually, it will make a push to the south this afternoon and evening. Overall, a coating is possible anywhere in Region 8. A few areas will see a little more than a coating. Parts of SEMO may see 1-2". When the snow cranks back up tonight, areas near I-40 may see 1-2". A general forecast of a coating to 1" will cover most areas. Let's clarify a "coating":

  • A coating is less than a inch
  • A coating will cover your car to where you need to clean your windshield off. Windshield wipers will probably get the job down.
  • A coating can make roads slick. Especially, side roads.
  • I've seen a coating cancel school, but not always!
  • A coating will not make snow cream. :(
  • You can probably sled on a coating, but you might get dirty from the grass, dirt, and dog poop.
Let's break down the timing:

Amounts will be light, but it's cold enough where it could easily stick. If you encounter a covered road, drive slow and you will be fine. Here's the latest short term guidance on amounts through 11PM... As you can see, they will be LIGHT, but some could see 1-3 if this snow machine really cranks up:

Have a good day!

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